Terms & Conditions

Minimum stay:

The length of stay is a minimum of 3 consecutive nights rent.

Departure and arrival:

On the day of arrival you can visit from 15:00 and on departure you must vacate the villa by 11:00.

The deposit is € 250, - per stay.


Booking and payment:

You can take an option for your desired rental period for up to 10 days. The reservation is final if within this period, a 25% deposit of the total rent on our account has been received and the signed rental agreement within 10 days, which is received by us. The remainder of the rent and deposit ad € 250 must be submitted 6 weeks before the first day of the reserved period of stay are paid. If the deposit is not paid within the specified period, the option will expire and we are free to rent the villa to another party. If the remaining part of the rent and deposit are not paid on time, making it your final reservation canceled without refund is being made of the 25% deposit.

If no damage has occurred during your stay and the energy from falling abnormal high (this entirely at the discretion of the lessor), the deposit within 2 weeks after your rental period will be refunded. If the damage caused by you is higher than the deposit of € 250 must be paid the difference in cash before leaving the villa.



If you for any reason, should cancel, the following cancellation fees are in place, a cancellation should be made in writing to the landlord:



Lessee shall indemnify the lessor against claims of third parties in cases of damage to person or property of any kind and tenant must conclude this yourself travel insurance. The owners are not responsible for accidents, injuries or illnesses that occur during a stay in or around the home. The owners are also not responsible for losing personal belongings or valuables.

By accepting this reservation is agreed that all guests and other invitees expressly risk recognize damages resulting from the use of the dwelling.



We h4ly recommend timely cancellation insurance and travel insurance. A standard insurance is often not enough


Agree that all rental payments are not repay according to the above cancellation policy. I have taken note of the recommendation to purchase travel insurance and cancellation insurance.